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What our Students say

Hello Tim,
I am very happy to let you know that I scored 113 overall at the TOEFL , with 30 reading, 30 listening, 26 speaking and 27 writing
Thank you very much for everything !!

Mathilde C.
TOEFL (113) in 3 months via Skype, 2017
Medical Student, Oxford Uiversity, UK

I had tried many other test prep places before I came to you, even ones with a good reputation, but if it wasn't for the techniques you showed be I would have never gotten the B2 diploma.Thank you! I owe you dinner Tim. Maybe after I return from Zurich.

Gregory H.
TOEIC B2 in 2 months, 2017
Police Officer, Athens, Greece

Dear Tim,
I'm really happy to tell you I scored 109 at the Toefl test (I scored 26 at the speaking section). Thank you for your great help!
I wish you all the best.

Ninon C.
TOEFL (109) in 1 month via Skype, 2017
Medical Student, Paris, France

Mr. Tim I just got the scores online. I can't believe I got a 92!
The university I have applied to just needed a score of over 80
The last time I had English lessons before I came to you was ten years ago and I thought I would never make it. I am so happy. Thank you.

Eleonora K.
TOEFL (92) in 2 months via Skype, 2017
Assistant Pharmacist, Moscow, Russia

Hey Tim. Guess what? I did it.
After all the wasted years of trying to get a cerificate you helped me get it on two months. That's exactly where the difference is with you. You have this ability to look at a student and immediately know what he needs in order to succeed in an exam. I also like the fact that you don't waste time with ifs and buts. You focus on results. I truly thank you!

Andreas M. 
TOEIC B2 in 2 months via Skype, 2017 
Agronomist, London, UK

My experience with Tim as my teacher is still something really unique. Through his expert English knowledge and exam techniques he managed to lead me to my passing the TOEIC exam and to my getting the B2 certificate in just one month. That says it all.

Thalia K.
TOEIC B2 in 1 Month, 2017 
Bank Associate, Mytilene, Greece

You were right. I got a 6.5 on my IELTS and that's what I needed.
Thank you for guiding me and showing me those techniques. I always thought getting a good score on an English exam was the result of knowing English, but you taught me how knowing the structure of the test is equally important. Thanks Tim!

Ahmed A.
IELTS (6.5) in 2 months via Skype, 2016 
Graduate Student, Worcester, MA, USA

Mr. Tim I am writing this note to say thank you.
If you didn't push me to do things differently I would never get my certificate. I know it wasn't easy for you either because I admit it...I was a bit lazy. Thank you for believing in me. These certificates will open new doors for me! 

Bill K.
TOEIC B2 & ECCE B2 in 2 months via Skype, 2017 
High School Student, Cyprus

Hey there. If anybody is reading this just remember. This guy will not only help you pass whatever English exam is out there in no time but he will also show you new ways to write and speak. Preparing for the TOEFL with Tim has actually helped me write better even in my native tongue. That's all.

Pedro A.
TOEFL in 2 months via Skype, 2017 
Undergraduate University Student , Lisbon, Portugal

I am extremely lucky that I went to Tim for my TOEIC preparation. In just a couple of months he succeeded in identifying my gaps and was able to focus on my specific needs and not on generic ready-made material. Sometimes I even felt that he wanted me to pass more than me! It's very rare to see a teacher who combines such passion, expertise and practicality. So, if getting your certificate is your goal, don't do what I did before I met Tim. I wasted so much time and money on promises who proved to be just that. This man knows how to get the job done quickly and to the point. And this with a great sense of humor!

Peter P.
TOEIC B2 in 2 months via Skype, 2017 
Bank Employee, Frankkfurt, Germany